Important info about the classes!

Reminder of the rules and regulations of the group fitness classes!

We recommend to all our users to read rules and regulations before participating to the next class!

We have received customer feedback about two things mentioned below! We hope you to pay extra attention to the following things!

Make sure you'll arrive on time to the class! Once started, you cannot participate on class anymore.

If any equipment are used in the class (like kettlebells or Pump –equipment), you need to come 5-10 min early to pick up all equipment from storage before the class starts!

Especially, if you are joining first time, instructor has time and possibility to guide you with equipment when you arrive in good time. All the classes are scheduled to start and end in particular time!

Remember to cancel your enrollment, if you are not joining the class!

For example, spinning class has been full booked every week a days before the class starts, but still every week the class is not full when it starts!

We ask you to pay attention for enrollments and cancelling in good time, so we can enable participation for all who is willing to join the classes!

All the rules and regulations can be found from the article below, please read those carefully!

Group fitness

With a MoWe Card you will get a limitless access to group fitness classes and ball games.

Group exercise means moving together under the guidance of an instructor.

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