CampusMoWe group fitness classes are low-threshold exercise sessions. You can join in at any time. Classes take place in the campuses' own sports facilities.

Group fitness

With a MoWe Card you will get a limitless access to group fitness classes and ball games.


We offer a large variety of muscle strengthening, cardio training and Body & Mind classes. All sessions are planned to fit from beginners to advanced ones and demands no previous experience.

Open MoWe Calendar to see weekly classes (link): MoWe Calendar

Class locations

The class locations can be found from MoWe Calendar. Make sure you always check the detailed information of each class and session when making your enrolments.

Classes and training sessions are held:

  • In Agorahall in SAMK Pori campus and SAMK Merimäki campus sports hall in Rauma.
  • Some of the classes and sessions may be organised outside of the campus in different private and public gyms and sport facilities (e.g. Spinning is held in Porihalli). Address is shown in the Calendar.

On the Sports Facilities-page you will find more detailed information about the facilities with pictorial instructions on how to get there (link): Sports facilities​​​​​​​

(CampusMoWe reserves all the rights to change or add to these membership terms and conditions, timetables, facilities and hours of operation. We will do our best to inform customers of any changes on time.)


You can always find the class descriptions in the MoWe Calendar. From the class description you will find the basic information about the lesson and the name of the instructor.

Example of decription:

MoWe Pump builds total body functional strength. Movements with plate bars and weights challenge all the major muscle groups in the body.

The class is suitable for beginners. You can adjust the weights to suit you.

Enrolment and cancellation

Remember to make booking beforehand for each class and session (link): Enrolment

Enrolment is available 2 days before the class starts. Enrolment can be done conveniently via the CampusMoWe mobile app. Instructor will confirm your booking in the beginning of the class.

Make sure you will cancel your enrolment in good time if you are not able to join!

Pay attention in these when participating in group fitness classes:

  • Arrive in good time to the class (5-10 min before) so you'll have time to pick up equipment before the class begins. E.g. before MoWe Pump class all participant picks up their own equipment (barbell and step-board) from the storage.

  • Especially if you are joining the first time, arrive to the class in good time so instructor has time to guide you.

  • Once the class has started, you can not enter the class anymore!

  • Bring a water bottle, a sweat towel and flexible clothing.

  • Let the instructor know beforehand, if you know you must leave class earlier.

  • All participants should clean own equipment after the class and return to the storage. Always return your equipment after the class if not adviced differently.

  • You must use towel in every class (also on top of the mattress).

Move well. Feel good.