Membership benefit for Porihalli

With a CampusMoWe membership card, you get a great discount on Porihalli's gym and/or group exercise services.

CampusMoWe membership is verified by showing the MoWe Card-tab on the mobile app in the customer service. The MoWe Card must be valid.

The benefit can only be redeemed during customer service opening hours.

Special prices for students and staff members

Gym 34 €/month (norm. 40 €/month)
Women's gym 44 €/month (norm. 50 €/month)
Group exercise & both gyms 54 €/month (norm. 60 €/month)

Women's gym Porihalli Pink is for women only. When you redeem the Women's Gym, you will have access to both Porihalli & Porihalli Pink.

Check out Porihalli (link):