MoWe Calendar - classes, shifts and events

From the MoWe Calendar you find up-to date info about weekly events ​​​​Enrolment can be done through MoWe Calendar either in application or websites.

You need to be always HAKA logged in to make enrolments.

To enroll Pori or Rauma classes/shifts you need to have a valid MoWe Card.

Events category is for free events and activities e.g. well-being tutoring activities.

Up-to -date MoWe Calendar. Tabs PORI, RAUMA, GYM - choose which one you want to open.

You can change the language from the top right. Press "En" and refresh the page.

Check the MoWe Card prices (link): Prices

You can find the updated info always from MoWe Calendar

The availability of Agora hall at SAMK (Pori) may change weekly (because of the other events/users). MoWe Calendar gives you always the updated information of group fitness classes and ball sports.

You need to enroll to all classes and enrollment is available 2 days before the class. Remember to cancel if you are not able to join!

Video instructions 'How to use MoWe Calendar' (link): MoWe Calendar

CampusMoWe reserves all the rights for possible changes in timetable.

Physcial activities will influence positively to your whole wellbeing and being sufficiently active for your health, you will be able to function and enjoy your regular daily activities.

Colour codes and icons of MoWe Calendar

MoWe Calendar are classified with different colour codes and icons.

The MoWe Calendar colour codes are divided on: Strenght training, Cardio & Endurance training and Body & Mind wellbeing. Sport & ball games are coded with green colour and courses & workshops with blue.

STRENGTH TRAINING – builds total body functional strength, muscular endurance and promotes the building of lean muscle. The strength sessions are all about the “load effect” - performance under pressure using your own body weight to moderate loads. You'll have low to medium repetitions and working close to fatigue using a variety of training tools.

CARDIO & ENDURANCE TRAININGimproves your aerobic capability and overall fitness. Endurance training keeps your lungs and circulatory system healthy and can reduce the risk of many diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke. These sessions increases your breathing and heart rate by combining high and low body weight exercises with minimal use of equipment.

BODY & MIND TRAINING – improves your flexibiliy, balance and mindfullness, which are important components for many everyday-life activities. These sessions helps your body and mind to recover and relax.

SPORTS & BALL GAMES TRAINING - are based on enjoyment and fun through different social sports and games. These sessions improves your technique, agility and coordination and are targeted from beginner level to the advanced level.

​​​​​​​COURSES & WORKSHOPS - gives you opportunity to try different activities and training sessions. These are great sessions to challenge yourself and try something new!

Have an idea of new training session or workshop? Let us know your suggestions: (link: Contact)

Terms and conditions

Before you start using CampusMoWe services, please read the terms and conditions carefully!

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Participation and class locations

With MoWe Card Pori/Rauma your access to all group fitness sessions and sport games is limitless!

MoWe Card Pori includes automatically both Pori and Rauma services and MoWe Card Rauma includes only Rauma services.

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Ball games

You will find ball sports from MoWe Calendar! You need to purchase a MoWe Card to join and enroll to ball games. Card is valid the whole semester and it includes ball sports and group fitness services.

​​​​​​​These sessions are targeted for all from beginners to advanced ones with all genders and no previous experience or equipment are needed.

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Courses & Workshops

You can find information about the courses and workshops below. Enrollment is separate from MoWe Card, you do not need a valid MoWe Card to participate in courses. Courses and workshops are marked on MoWe Calendar with blue colour.

With a valid MoWe Card you get 30% discount from the courses. Remember to get MoWe Card first so the system recognizes to give you discount.

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Yogobe - online Yoga

Did you now that MoWe Card offers you an access to Yogobe-online yoga services? Send us email to to get a code.

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