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Well-being tutoring in SAMK

Apply to be a well-being tutor and you get to influence positively on other students' well-being while being active yourself.

As a well-being tutor you can organize trials, band club, nature excursions, museum visits or other cultural activities.

The idea behind well-being tutoring is to organise leisure activities to balance your studies. The threshold for taking up new activities is kept low, as the activities are run by wellbeing tutors and based on the wishes of the students. Activities will also be organised in cooperation with local clubs, operators Student Union SAMMAKKO and CampusMoWe.​​​​​​​

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You do not need to have any special skills or talents, only motivation is enough. Well-being tutors are creating nice activities to counter day-time studying. We have already organised activities such as sports, cultural experiences, games and cinema nights, as well as activities where students can network and make connections outside the school day.

Well-being tutor roles:

  • Club instructor
  • Smiley café-Team
  • Event-Team

Before starting, well-being tutors will receive education, which will give ideas for i.e planning events and group instructing.

You will gain ECTS credits by being a well-being tutor, the same way as being a normal tutor and you will receive free access to CampusMoWe Card.

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