Rauma: Member benefits to Kuntosumppu and Gymppikunto (students)

As a CampusMoWe member you get a great benefit on the services of Kuntosumppu and gym services in Gymppikunto.
You can also use all our services; e.g. join swimming shifts or play Badminton or Volleyball.

Prices for CampusMoWe members

Gym 1 month-card 33€ (norm. 49€)
Group fitness 1kk-card 33€ (norm. 53€)
Combination 1kk-card (gym+group fitness) 43€ (norm. 63€)
10-time-card (valid 3 months) 43€ (norm. 63€)


Gym 1-month Card 32€ (norm. 38€).


  • Check that you have a valid MoWe Card Rauma (19,90€).
  • Get the card when customer service is open.
  • Show your CampusMoWe member ship from our application's MoWe Card tab. Your membership validity time is shown in that page.
  • Write your name to the list, so we know how many cards are sold.

Benefit is valid until 31.12.2023.