Terms and conditions

Before you start using CampusMoWe services, please read the terms and conditions carefully.

​​​​​​​​​​​Terms and conditions will apply once you purchase CampusMoWe product or service from the online shop.

  1. All students and staff members of Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, University Consortium of Pori, Faculty of Education, Department of Teacher Education Rauma and Diaconia University of Applied Sciences Pori are eliqible to use CampusMoWe services and products. To be able to access these services students and staff members needs to have valid -up to date University access code (HAKA-authentication).

  2. ​​​​Terms and conditions will apply once you purchase CampusMoWe product or service from the online shop. Accepting the terms and conditions, you give your permission to CampusMoWe to access your personal information. Read more about the terms and conditions concerning your personal information (link): Information security

  3. The right to buy services can be used until the end of the semester in which you graduate or terminate your employment. Once your university username and password expires (HAKA-authentication), you will no longer have access to purhchase new membership or make new bookings from CampusMoWe websites.
  4. CampusMoWe members must follow the terms and conditions of our cooperation partners and businesses. Some services and products have higher risk areas, such as play zones, swimming pools, steam rooms and saunas. Please read and follow all rules and signs that tell you what to do, especially in these areas. If you don’t understand something, please ask for help.

  5. CampusMoWe membership do not include insurance, so you will need to make sure your own personal insurance covers the activities and programs you are attending on.

  6. CampusMoWe membership is a personal license, which can not be passed forward. CampusMoWe members are not allowed to take non-members to sport facilities or pass products or equipment to anyone who is not CampusMoWe member.

  7. We can refuse entry to anyone, including members, if they act unreasonably or break the terms and conditions. We may also warn you that you risk having your membership cancelled. If you continue to behave in the same way, we may cancel your membership immediately.

  8. If during the season it is noticed that a person has failed to attend five (5) of the enrolled classes without cancelling their enrolment, an automatic two-week ban on registration will follow. Thereafter, a registration ban will automatically follow for each observed missed class until the end of the season. Uncancelled enrolments are reset at the end of the autumn and spring semesters.
  9. Membership fees are not refundable. However, if we need to cancel entire training course, course fees will be refunded.​​​​​​

  10. CampusMoWe reserves the right to change or add to these membership terms and conditions, timetables, facilities and hours of operation. We will do our best to inform customers of any changes on time.