Enrolment instructions

You can sign up for group fitness and ball games via the app or the Calendar on the website. Enrolment also works as a court reservation for Badminton and Pickleball.

Instructions for enrolment

  • Enrolment opens 2 days before the classes and shifts.
  • You should enroll to all shifts and classes. Instructor will confirm your booking.
  • Court bookings are made by enrolling for a shift.
  • You must cancel your enrolment at least 3 hours before the start of the class if you are unable to attend. Uncancelled bookings may cause a ban on using the services. Read more about the rules of use (link): Rules and regulations
  • To improve our services, we are tracking the bookings and the amount of participants attending the classes. We use collected statistics when we are planning new seasons.

Enrolment and cancellation

  1. Log in with your university authentication (Haka code) to mobile application or websites.
  2. Open MoWe Calendar.
  3. Open the right tab PORI/RAUMA/EVENTS and then choose a right day and class.
  4. Click the class/shift of your choice. Press the green 'Enroll to event'-button. The button will then turn red and become the Cancel enrolment-button, where you can cancel if necessary.
  5. If the enrollment button is grey, enrolment is not open yet or your card is not active/valid and you don't have a right to participate.
  6. If the "class window" is red, the class is full or it is cancelled.
  7. Your own enrolments will appear as a green class window. You can also see your enrolments under the "Owned" button.

Attending the classes

  • Make sure you'll arrive on time to the class and you have enought time to get equipment ready for the class (e.g. MoWe Pump). Once started, you can not participate on class any more.
  • If you know you have to leave the class early, please inform instructor before hand.
  • Use a towel (clean one) when exercising including when using exercise mats.
  • Return equipment after class if not adviced differently. Every user returns their own equipment.
  • Please avoid the use of strong perfumes during lessons/shifts.

Code of conduct

We want to ensure a safe and distraction-free environment for all participants.

  • Everyone can participate in CampusMoWe classes/shifts just as they are.
  • No one's behaviour should cause harm to the safety or health of others.
  • Please arrive on time. This way you will respect the other participants and the instructor.
  • Please leave your phone aside during the class.
  • During the class, you must always ask for a separate (verbal) permission from the persons visible in the pictures.