By purchasing a MoWe Card, you agree to follow the rules of use of the gym.

SAMK Pori campus gym

Here is a overall information and rules and regulations about SAMK Porin campus gym.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Access rights, user group and MoWe Card

Access is granted to students and staff of SAMK, Diak, University Consortium of Pori and Rauma Teacher education. Use of the gym requires a valid university ID (HAKA ID).

The right to use the gym, the MoWe Card, can be purchased from the CampusMoWe online shop (link): Online shop

It is not permitted to bring or admit outside persons to the gym. All users must have a valid MoWe Card.

We monitor the use of the gym on a regular basis. In case of abuse, access may be denied by CampusMoWe.

Gym floor is not built for dropping weights so gym is not suitable for heavy weightlifting.

Unlocking gym door with CampusMoWe mobileapplication and an access code

Purchase a MoWe Card from the online shop. CampusMoWe mobileapplication is the "key" to the gym.

  1. Open CampusMoWe application, HAKA log in and open MoWe Card Tab.
    (If you purchased MoWe Card just before going to the gym, sign out and log in again to application to activate your card.)
  2. Location services or bluetooth must be enabled for the app.
  3. Press the "Open samk gym door" -button while you are at the gym door and the door will unlock. This function can only be used within a certain distance, you cannot open the gym door from home for example.
  4. The "Open samk gym door"-button should always be pressed when entering the gym. The user counter counts the number of visitors to the gym based on the number of times the door is opened. The door openings also allow us to monitor the occupancy rate of the gym.
    You can find out more about the user counter here (link): Number of gym users

Please note that the CampusMoWe app only works on the gym door. You will need an access code for the campus entrance doors. The code can be found on the MoWe Card order confirmation and on the C-MoWe tab of the mobile app (image in the top banner).

Opening hours and access code to campus entrance doors

Gym opening hours follow SAMK campus opening hours.

Up-to-date info about opening hour can be found from the App's Gym-tab.

Monday to Friday 6.45 am-9.00 pm. You need to exit campus at latest at 9.00pm)

Saturday at 8.00am-6.00 pm (you need to exit campus at latest at 6.00pm)

Closed on Sundays.

Exceptional opening hours during the summer. Check from the app.

CampusMoWe informs about exceptional opening hours with Newsletter. You can find the latest news also from application C-MoWe tab.

The gym location and lockers

The gym is located on the ground floor (0 floor) of the SAMK Pori campus, on the A-side which is closest to the Travel Centre. We recommend using the entrance door on the Travel Centre side to access the gym.

The changing rooms in the gym have lockers with number codes for storing your belongings. Instructions for using the lockers can be found on the locker walls. In the case of any problems using the lockers, the instructions and telephone numbers can be found in the manuals.

Toilets and showers are available in the changing rooms.

See the campus map (link): Map of Pori campus

Staff member training hours and other reservations

Staff gym shifts are on Tuesdays from 16-17 and Thursdays from 16-17.15, when students do not have access to the gym.

On Thursdays, a guided gym group is held during the staff shift. During the group, other staff are allowed to exercise in the facilities that are not occupied.

There are occasionally other bookings in the gym (e.g. education), when the gym is not available. You can always check the reserved times in advance on the Gym-tab of the mobile app, so that you are not surprised by a booking in the middle of a workout.

General info

  • The gym is not intended for weightlifting, the floor cannot withstand falling weights.
  • The use of magnesium is prohibited.
  • A first aid kit and plasters can be found next to the gym door.
  • No pictures of anyone may be taken in the gym without asking permission from the persons in the pictures.
  • If you are listening to music, please use headphones.
  • If you notice any broken equipment or similar, please report it immediately via the service request form. Instructions can be found on the wall of the gym next to the doors.