Please return the equipment in place after use to keep the gym clean and safe place to exercise.

The Gym SAMK Pori campus

Here is a overall information about SAMK Porin campus gym. Please read carefully all the rules and regulations.

If you have any questions, pelase contact

Purpose of the gym

All users needs to have access rights to the gym. Only university (SAMK, Diak, Utu, Tuni) students and staff can purchase Gym Card to use the campus gym. You can get it from CampusMoWe online shop.

You are not allowed to invite or let any non-members to the gym.

You are not allowed to bring e.g. familymembers or friends to the gym. Every user needs to have a valid Gym Card.

Gym floor is not built for dropping weights so gym is not suitable for heavy weightlifting.

The gym location and lockers

The gym is located in SAMK campus Pori in bottom floor (0-floor) at A-section. Enter to the campus using travel centre side doors, then stairs down.

Lockers are located also at the bottom floor. There are showers and toilets available.

Please read carefully all the rules and regulations

By purchasing the CampusMoWe membership, you accept to follow the rules and regulations of the SAMK gym. Your membership is only for your personal use. Link to rules and regulations : Gym rules and regulatios

If CampusMoWe notice the rule violation, MoWe Card can be closed by CampusMoWe.

Right of use (Gym Card) and unlocking the gym door!

Purchase a MoWe Card (Gym or Pori) from the online shop. CampusMoWe mobileapplication is the "key" to the gym.

Unlocking the door

  1. Open CampusMoWe application, HAKA log in and open MoWe Card Tab.
  2. Check that you have a valid MoWe Card.
  3. Press "Unlock SAMK gym door" -button. When you are at the gym door, and you have allowed location services for the app, the door will unlock.

User counter, reservations

You should press "Unlock SAMK gym door" -button every time you use the gym. You can check the amount of gym users from the user counter.

Link to the user counter can be found from the app's Gym -tab.

Reserved shifts are shown in the application. If gym is reserved (e.g. for education), you are not allowed to use the gym.

Opening hours and access code to campus entrance doors

Use the travel centre side entrance doors to enter campus. Then stairs down to the gym. If campus entrance doors are closed, you can find the access code from C-MoWe tab and or order confirmation.

Monday to Friday 6.45 am-9.00 pm. You need to exit campus at latest at 9.00pm)

Saturday at 8.00am-6.00 pm (you need to exit campus at latest at 6.00pm)

Closed on Sundays.

Exceptional opening hours during the summer. Check from the app.

CampusMoWe informs about exceptional opening hours with Newsletter. You can find the latest news also from application C-MoWe tab.

Training hours for the staff members

There is a gym turn only for SAMK staff members on Tuesdays 4pm to 5 pm and Thursdays from 4pm to 5.00 pm. On Thursdays (at 4.00pm-5.30pm) there is an instructed group for staff.

NOTE! Students doesn't have possibility to use the gym during Staff member training hours.

First aid kit

First aid kit is in the storage. There are blasters and cold bags etc.