You can find the poles, nets and rackets from the section B (middle part), behind the black curtain. Return all equipment to the same place.

Equipment needs to be used properly. Always return the rackets back to the bags to avoid damaging the racket nets, as shown in the instructions picture above.

Badminton shifts in Pori

1 court reservation/person/day.

Part B has singles courts and part A has a doubles court. The B fields are not numbered, so you can choose whichever field you want when you arrive. The field lines are marked in green.

Shifts can be booked on the MoWe Calendar by enrolling to the current shift. Your playmate does not have to be a CampusMoWe member. The person who booked the field is responsible for the shift.

General instructions

  1. Book a court via MoWe Calendar. Please cancel if you are unable to play.

  2. The easiest access to the campus and the gym is through the Satakunnankatu entrance doors. Access to the gym via the locker room hallway (link): Map of Pori campus

  3. You can find the access code for the entrance doors in the C-MoWe tab of the CampusMoWe app or on your MoWe card order confirmation.

  4. Each players will put together the court and after the games take the court apart.
    If the shift after your shift is taken, you can agree with the next players to leave the the net up. However, it is important that the court is always empty when there are no games.

  5. Equipment must be used correctly. Any broken equipment or other problems should be reported to CampusMoWe (e-mail:

  6. Shift times may vary depending on the availability of court slots. Up-to-date information can always be found in the app's Calendar. CampusMoWe reserves the right to make changes.

Play badminton. Feel good.