The first player of the day builds the court/net. Last one takes it off and returns all equipment to storage.

The net will be attached to the blue badminton poles with legs outside. Tighten first the lower rope and then upper one to get the net as tight as needed.

Badminton (Rauma)

Badminton shifts are available at SAMK Merimäki campus with a valid MoWe Card Rauma (for all universities).

NOTE! Last players of the evening takes of the net, returns all equipment to the storage and locks the doors !! You can check the app if you are the last player.

Check the general information for shifts:

  1. Book a court from MoWe Calendar. For booking you need a valid MoWe Card.

  2. You are allowed to book only one court/day! Booking will reserve the whole court, so bring a friend to play with you.

  3. If you the first player of the day, you should prepare the court. Last player takes off the net, returns all equipment to the storage and locks the doors.

  4. Rackets, balls and the net can be found from the hall. Equipment needs to be used properly. CampusMoWe needs to be informed if something breaks (email:

  5. Entrance to the sports hall: First door on the right after walking up the stairs to Merimäki. Entrance with a access code.

  6. You should wear a mask while moving locker hallways until the game begins. Remember to maintain a good hand hygiene and clean equipment after use.

Play badminton. Feel good.