The first player of the day builds the court/net. Last one takes it off and returns all equipment to storage.

When you leave, always check from the app if there are still players coming after you.

Badminton and Pickleball shifts (Rauma)

​​​​​​​1 court booking/person/day.

Badminton and Pickleball shifts are available at SAMK Merimäki campus. Shifts can be booked on the MoWe Calendar by enrolling for the current shift. Your playmate does not have to be a CampusMoWe member. The person who booked the field is responsible for the shift.

You can play either Badminton or Pickleball.

Check the general information for shifts:

  1. Book a field on the MoWe Calendar. Please cancel if you can't make it.
  2. Enter at the top of the stairs to the Merimäki campus yard. The first door on the right is the most direct route to the sports hall.
    See the map for access to the gym (link): Campus Map
  3. The access code for the entrance doors can be found in the app while enrolment.
  4. You must be present at the start of your shift, don't be late.
  5. Game equipment is available for four (4) players.
  6. The first player of the day builds the court, the last player takes apart the net. The app will show you if there are players before or after you. The last player takes apart the net, returns equimpment to the storage room and locks the doors.
  7. Equipment must be used properly and broken equipment must be reported to CampusMoWe (email:​​​​​​​

Play badminton. Feel good.