It's time to jump into the world of movement and community!

Fall season gives you the chance to enjoy an even more diverse range of activities. Fall also includes exciting and inspiring events.

CampusMoWe offers the most versatile sport and well-being services with an affordable semester fee for all students and staff members in SAMK, Diak, UCPori and Rauma Teacher Education!

What is CampusMoWe?

Diverse and affordable sports and wellbeing services for university students and staff members around Satakunta region (Pori, Rauma, Kankaanpää & Huittinen).

​​​​​​​You need to have a valid HAKA autenthication to use our services.

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Registration and MoWe Card

A valid HAKA ID is required to use CampusMoWe services. The HAKA login ensures your right to use the services.

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MoWe Card Prices

Purchase your MoWe Card in the online shop and get access to the gym, group fitness, ball games and online services.

You can choose between a semester fee or a monthly card.

You can test group fitness, ball games or gym services anytime 24h for free of charge .

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Courses and workshops

Fall semester courses and workshops

We organise a variety of sport related courses and workshops/trials during the season. The courses are always enrolled according to specific instructions and do not require a MoWe Card to enrol.

Detailed timetable, course contents and course fees can be found from below.

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Want to be a CampusMoWe instructor?

Instructors wanted for the fall semester!

Rauma: 4 Swimming shift instructors.

​​​​​​​Group fitness and salibandy and basketball instructors are needed for the fall semester.

Pori: Salibandy/volleyball/basketball instructors are wanted as well.

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Finnish baseball shifts 2023

Check out the shifts and sign up.

Baseball shifts are open and free of charge, no MoWe Card is required. Welcome to play! Register on CampusMoWe to sign up. Sign up on the app or the MoWe calendar of the website.

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Rauma: Member benefits to Kuntosumppu and Gymppikunto (students)

As a CampusMoWe member you get a great benefit on the services of Kuntosumppu and gym services in Gymppikunto.
You can also use all our services; e.g. join swimming shifts or play Badminton or Volleyball.

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Membership benefit for Porihalli

With a CampusMoWe membership card, you get a great discount on Porihalli's gym and/or group exercise services.

CampusMoWe membership is verified by showing the MoWe Card-tab on the mobile app in the customer service. The MoWe Card must be valid.

The benefit can only be redeemed during customer service opening hours.

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MoWe Calendar

MoWe Calendar keeps you updated with CampusMoWe services and events!