SUPERfall starting from 5.9.2022

The most diverse services with a low-cost semester fee! Check out the Calendar and join in!

What is CampusMoWe?

Diverse and affordable activities and wellbeing services for university students and staff members around Satakunta region.

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To whom?

CampusMoWe physical activities and wellbeing services are available for the students and staff members in all Universities in Satakunta.

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How to get started?

To be able to access CampusMoWe services and products, you will need to register by using your University username and password (HAKA-access code). You can start to purchase and use CampusMoWe services and products, once you have bought a MoWe Card from CampusMoWe online-shop.

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Yogobe-codes are here!

Yogobe codes are now available! So if you have a valid MoWe Card Pori or Rauma, you can use Yogobe online yoga for free until 31.8.2023 (value 199€).

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Padel-Court bookings

You can book a Padel-court through CampusMoWe with a supercheap price!

You can bring 3 non-members to play with you. Courts can be booked only with a valid MoWe Card.

Padel is a fun & trendy 4 person ballgame, which is easy to learn for beginners.

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Continue moving with us!

CampusMoWe Trial period has ended. It was quite busy, thanks to you!

Continue movin with us and purchase a MoWe Card from the online shop or start a new hobby by joining a course.

If you already have purchased a Gym Card, you can upgrade it to a MoWe Card Pori or Rauma. Move to online shop and you will see automatically discounted prize for a new MoWe Card.

All products can be found from the online shop!

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MoWe Calendar

MoWe Calendar keeps you updated with CampusMoWe services and events!

Download CampusMoWe-application

Download free CampusMoWe-app to your mobile phone from AppStoresta or Play-store.