What is CampusMoWe?

Diverse and affordable activities and wellbeing services for university students and staff members around Satakunta region.

CampusMoWe is for anyone: the ones who hasn't taken the first step yet to be more physically active or have just started their new active lifestyle, or the ones for whom physical activities are already part of their daily living.


SataSport – is a three year (2018-2020) project funded by Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland. The aim of the project is to promote physical activity and wellbeing among university students and staff members around Satakunta region, by creating a sustainable products and services as a part of the univeristy lifestyle. CampusMoWe - Movement & Wellbeing was created as a result of SataSport -project and it launched on Spring 2019.

To whom?

CampusMoWe physical activities and wellbeing services are available for the students and staff members in all Universities in Satakunta.

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CampusMoWe services and products are relative to amount of the users and members in each campus city.

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CampusMoWe workers

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