MoWe Card Prices

Prices are valid from 1.8.2023.

Purchase your MoWe Card in the online shop and get access to the gym, group fitness, ball games and online services.

You can choose between a semester fee or a monthly card.

You can test group fitness, ball games or gym services anytime 24h for free of charge .

SAMK funds CampusMoWe services, which makes MoWe Card fees more affordable for Samk students and staff than for other universities.

However, all students and staff in the region have access to the services. The gym on the Pori SAMK campus is included all MoWe Cards.

Semester Fee

The MoWe Card autumn or spring semester is valid until the end of the current semester
​​​​​​​(fall semester until 31 December and spring semester until 31 July).

SAMK Students 19.90€

SAMK Staff Pori 39.90€/Rauma 29.90€

Other universities 59.90€ (includes Pori campus gym) / Rauma 34.90€

Monthly MoWe Card

The monthly MoWe Card is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase. The monthly card is always redeemed one month at a time, the subscription does not continue automatically.

The monthly card includes all services (also Yogobe online yoga code).

SAMK Students 9.90€

Other universities 19.90€

SAMK Staff not available

24h Free Trial

You can try our services at any time, free of charge, for 24 hours. Access is activated at the time of purchase and is valid for 24 hours. After your Card is activated, you can enroll to the classes and shifts.

The free trial can be purchased once (1) per semester.

Course Fees

Courses can be enrolled through the online shop by paying the course fee. Course fees are always informed separately in the course info.

Participation in a course does not require a MoWe Card.

Terms and Conditions

Please read Terms and Conditions before puchasing a MoWe Card or Course (link): CampusMoWe Terms and Conditions

Point 9.

The purchased service is non-exchangeable and non-refundable. If the minimum number of participants for a course or workshop is not met, the course may be cancelled and in this case course fees paid will be refunded.