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Services are cancelled and group fitness moves to FB Live! Join in the Live group!

Due to this Covid-19 situation all our group fitness classes and badminton shifts are cancelled in Pori and Rauma unti 13.12.2020, when our autumn semester was about to end!

Group fitness classes will be streamed in FB Live, so join in to our Live group!

​​​​​​​OPEKAS will inform their members about their services.

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Extra Badminton shifts have been added to Calendar!

There are extra badminton shifts in MoWe Calendar on Thu 19.11. and on Fri 27.11.!

Unfortunately shifts are cancelled on Sat 20.11. due to other reservation at Agora.

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Additions to Wednesdays in Rauma!

The beginning of the week is already behind, the rest of the week with its expectations and hopes is starting to loom! Every Wednesday we are trying different sports, which is suitable for all levels and ages! So come join us and experience new sport! Joining is free!

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LOIKKA Wellbeing and activity day on Wed 11.11.2020

CampusMoWe is joining LOIKKA wellbeing & activity day on Wednesday 11.11.!

​​​​​​​We offer group fitnes classes for free via Facebook live ! Classes will be found from CampusMoWe facebook page.

We offer also a 45 min Spinning class in co-operation with Porihalli at 15.30! Class is free of charge but you should enroll to that event beforehand!

See the whole LOIKKA program!

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PORI: Room changes is Calendar 9.-16.11.2020

Agorahall is booked for events during 9.-13.11. and 16.11. and we keep our classes in other rooms at Pori campus. You'll find the locations from Calendar. Badminton is held normally on Sat 14.11.2020.

We needed to lower the number of participants for those classes so please pay attention for enrollings and cancelling!

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CampusMoWe Live - The long-awaited session streaming begins!

Join the CampusMoWe Live Facebook-group and you get to attend sessions anywhere you want! At first we stream our sessions according the MoWe Calendar and streamed sessions may vary from week to week. Classes also run normally on campuses.

The sessions that are going to be streamed are marked in the MoWe Calendar with the text FB Live.

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