CampusMoWe Live - The long-awaited session streaming begins!

Join the CampusMoWe Live Facebook-group and you get to attend sessions anywhere you want! At first we stream our sessions according the MoWe Calendar and streamed sessions may vary from week to week. Classes also run normally on campuses.

The sessions that are going to be streamed are marked in the MoWe Calendar with the text FB Live.

How to join the Facebook live?

  1. You must have a valid MoWe Card Pori or Rauma when you join the group. (If you only want to use FB Live, you can purchase the MoWe Card Rauma. If you also want to attend campus sessions, purchase the MoWe Card Pori or Rauma, depending on which city services you want to use.) Move to Online shop (link): Online shop

  2. Request to join the CampusMoWe Live group via this link: CampusMoWe Live. We will accept your request after reviewing your membership. There might be a slight delay in approval, so we recommend joining the group well in advance before your first session.
  3. When you attend the class via Facebook, you don't need to enroll!
  4. Your membership in the Live group is valid until 31.12.20, so the validity period is the same as in the MoWe Card.

We will publish the week program Monday!