A moment for yourself?

Come along to the Relaxing breaks with CampusMoWe!

Relaxing breaks is held remotely every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 14.00 in CampusMoWe HILL.

The breaks help you detach from the everyday life. Forget the stress and hurries of the moment and come relax with us.

Relaxing breaks on Mon, Wed and Fri at 14

The break lasts for about 10 minutes. You can join in with this link above or go to this site:


The Relaxing breaks include for example calm stretching, imaginary journeys and breathing excercises. Participation is free and suitable for everyone. The breaks are usually held in finnish, but we can arrange them in English as well.

A tip! Mark the Relaxing break on your calendar so that you’ll remember to participate.

Soteekki and CampusMoWe

Break exercises for students and staff members!

Break exercises will be held on CampusMoWe HILL, daily at 10.00 from the 1.3. onwards!

​​​​​​​Welcome to join an energetic break for the distance working/studying days!

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