We offer a large variety of group fitness classes and sport games in Pori and Rauma! With an affordable semester fee in other words with a MoWe Card your access is limitless.

Participation and class locations

With MoWe Card Pori/Rauma your access to all group fitness sessions and sport games is limitless!

MoWe Card Pori includes automatically both Pori and Rauma services and MoWe Card Rauma includes only Rauma services.

Enrolment/booking and cancellation

From MoWe Calendar you can find all our training sessions with schedules. All sessions are planned to fit from beginners to advanced ones and demands no previous experience.

Remember to make booking beforehand for each class and session (link): Booking

Booking/enrolment is available 2 days before the class starts. Instructor will confirm your booking in the beginning of the class.

Make sure you will cancel your enrolment in good time if you are not able to join!

If member books a spot, but do not attend to the class for five (5) times, will booking option be restricted for next two (2) weeks. After that, this two weeks restriction will apply after each miscancellation. Miscancellations will be reseted to zero after each semester.​​​​​​​

Participation rules and regulations

  • Arrive on time to the class (5-10 min before) so you'll have time to pick up equipment before the class begins. Once the class has started, you can not enter the class anymore.

  • Especially if you are joining the first time, arrive to the class in good time.

  • All participants should clean own equipment after the class and return to the storage.

  • You must use towel in every class (also on top of the mattress).

  • Always return your equipment after the class if not adviced differently.

  • Let the instructor know, if you know you must leave class earlier.

  • Please don't use a mobilephone during the class.

  • Instructors can point out if they notice inappropriate behavior.

Locations of training sessions

The class locations can be found from MoWe Calendar. Make sure you always check the detailed information about the location of each class and session when making your bookings.

Classes and training sessions are held:

  • In campus own facilities (Agorahall in SAMK Pori and SAMK Merimäki sporthall in Rauma).
  • Some of the classes and sessions may be organised outside of the campus in different private and public gyms and sport facilities (e.g. Spinning is held in Porihalli).

Link to maps: Agorahall

Merimäki sports hall​​​​​​​

(CampusMoWe reserves all the rights to change or add to these membership terms and conditions, timetables, facilities and hours of operation. We will do our best to inform customers of any changes on time.)


See descriptions for Group Fitness.

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MoWe Calendar - classes, shifts and events

From the MoWe Calendar you find up-to date info about weekly events ​​​​Enrolment can be done through MoWe Calendar either in application or websites.

You need to be always HAKA logged in to make enrolments.

To enroll Pori or Rauma classes/shifts you need to have a valid MoWe Card.

Events category is for free events and activities e.g. well-being tutoring activities.

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Enrolment is required for group fitness classes and ball games. It can be easily done either with CampusMoWe App or logging in to CampusMoWe websites.

Enrolment is possible 2 days before the event. Please remember to cancel if you are not able to join!

Instructions concerning the enrolments and schedules for courses and events will always announced together with event information.

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