Looking for a MoWe Mover?

Do you want to start a new active hobby in your study town, but you’re not too sure, how to get started or what is available? MoWe Movers are here for you!

MoWe Mover is a service for university students in the Satakunta area, who are looking for a friend to guide them into the world of different exercise possibilities in the area. By applying for this service, you are provided a free access to a group fitness class, ball games, gym group, or an outdoor activity with a Mover. You need to be a registered user when using this service, Haka Log in, if you haven't done it earlier.

These questions are meant only to help to find the suitable Mover for you to try some new activity with. (This service is not for dating purposes.)

You need to be a registered CampusMoWe user when using this service. Registration is free and it can be done by Haka logging in this website.

You can fill in this form to search for a MoWe Mover!

By filling in this form, you accept that your information will be delivered to CampusMoWe personnel and the MoWe Mover. This information will not be used for any other purposes.

We will contact you as soon as a suitable Mover is found for you.

MoWe Calendar

In the MoWe Calendar you will find up-to-date information on classes, shifts and events. You can enroll via the Calendar.

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Haluaisitko MoWe Moveriksi?

Hae mukaan "liikkumiskaveriksi" tällä lomakkeella! Moveriksi voit hakea milloin vain, haku on voimassa toistaiseksi.

MoWe Moverin tehtävänä on toimia liikkumiskaverina ja tukea liikkumisen aloittamisessa. Moverin ei tarvitse olla liikkumisen ammattilainen, mutta liikkumisesta kiinnostunut, sosiaalinen ja helposti lähestyttävä persoona!

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