The gym opening hours during July

SAMK Poricampus gym is open with exceptional opening hours during July (28.6.-31.7.2021)

6 persons limitation is valid during July, so you need to book your own training time via CampusMoWe app.

Opening hours and workout shifts during 28.6.-31.7.2021

Pori campus entrance doors are open on weekdays during 8-16 and you'll get in with a passage code. Campus is closed on Saturdays.

Training shifts are available on Mon-Fri during 8-16. The last shift is during 16-17.45. You need to exit the gym at the latest on 17.45.

Note, that you need to get in to the campus at latest on 16, because the passage code doesn't work after 16!

Staff members can get in to the campus normally with a passage key.

Limitation of the users will be estimated again on 30.7.2021

The gym MoWe Card is now valid until 31.7.2021. We will inform you about the possible changes and practices concerning the use of the gym on 3.8.2021.

Use of the gym during Covid-19 time

SAMK Pori campus gym will open for SAMK students and staff members with exceptional practices on Tuesday 18.5.2021 .

​​​​​​​Only 6 persons are allowed to use the gym at the same time.

Due to the limited amount of the users, every user needs to enroll to the gym. It means that you need to book your own training time from CampusMoWe app. Booking also applies the staff members.

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