Use of the gym during Covid-19 time

SAMK Pori campus gym will open for SAMK students and staff members with exceptional practices on Tuesday 18.5.2021 .

​​​​​​​Only 6 persons are allowed to use the gym at the same time.

Due to the limited amount of the users, every user needs to enroll to the gym. It means that you need to book your own training time from CampusMoWe app. Booking also applies the staff members.

We can keep the gym open, when every user follows the rules/instructions! Please read these carefully.

Following instructions and rules are in place starting from 18.5.2021.

  1. Max. 6 persons at the gym at the same time. Please follow the reserved time.
  2. Please use the lockers as little as possible.
  3. Wash your hands or use the disinfection before and after using the gym.
  4. Maintain a safety distance for others. Avoid using contiguous equipment/gym machine.
  5. Equipment/gym machines/mats needs to be cleaned with cleaning spray and paper after use by every user! Return equipment to their own places after use.
  6. The use of the mask is recommended. Please note, that you still need to use a mask while moving on hallways/lockers etc.

CampusMoWe follows SAMK guidelines with the gym. There may be changes with a short notice. If so, we inform you immediately with a newsletter.

Enrollment and unlocking the gym door!

  1. Download CampusMoWe mobile application.
  2. Purchase a MoWe Card Gym (5,90€) from the online shop.
  3. Open the Calendar tab from the mobileapp and then choose Kuntosali -tab from the list.
  4. Choose a day and time, when you want to go to the gym, and press the green Enroll to event -button. Use the red cancell enrollment button if you are not able to join the shift that you have booked.
  5. NOTE! Enrollment is available 2 days before the shift start. Enrollment is not possble if the shift has started. If you haven't done the enrollment you are not allowed to go to the gym!
  6. You can book only one (1) shift/day.
  7. The gym door will unlock with using the CampusMoWe mobileapp! Open the MoWe Card tab, and you'll find an "Unlock SAMK gym door" -button. When you are at the gym door, and you have allowed location services for the app, the door will unlock with pressing the button.
  8. If you have any questions, please contact CampusMoWe with email:

When can I go to the gym?

Available shifts:

  • Mon - Fri mornings during 7.30-10.30 (starting from Wed 19.5.)
  • Mon - Fri afternoons during 15.00-19.00
  • On Saturdays during 9.00-13.00

The gym opening hours during 28.6.-31.7.2021:

  • Campus entrance doors are open with passage code during 8-16
  • You need to get out of the gym at latest at 17.45
  • The gym is closed on Saturdays

You need to enroll to the shift you want to join (detailed info below). There is not an instructor at the gym so you can go to make your own workout. Enrollment system guarantees that the maximum limit of the participants (6) won't be exceeded.