Pori: In MoWe Taster -Mindfulness and Meditation 18.10.2022

Taster classes are aimed for CampusMoWe members. If there will be free spots for classes, enrolment opens at 12.00 on the day of the event.

Check out the first Tasters! If you have some ideas fro Taster classes, leave us your suggestion below.


Enrolment with a valid MoWe Card 2 days before the event. Enroll in good time, there will be limited amount of places.

If there will be free spots left for classes, enrolment opens for everyone at 12.00 on the day of the event. Booking links below. Links won't open beforehand.

On Tuesday 18.10. at 18.15 Mindfullness & Meditation (in English) A356

This class invites you to experience the essentials of mindfulness through movement, sound and breathing. In class we explore a variety of meditation practices: breathing techniques, focused attention and connecting with your senses. These practical tools will increase feelings of connection, wellbeing, focus, and creativity in our daily lives.

Instructor Vasilica Cristea.

On Tuesday 4.10. at 16.30 Crosstraining in Agora hall

All-over endurance and muscle strenghtening class. Instructor Vilhelmiina Riuttala.

On Tuesday 4.10. at 18.15 Bungee Training in Agora hall

Bungee Training is fun and exciting workout which improves endurance, speed, strength and balance. Bungee workout is done with Bungee band. Bungee training is a pair workout and the class includes squats, rows, pushes and running exercises.

Join in to fun workout which you can modify to your own fitness level!

Class is instructed by Sertified Bungee-Training instructor Sari Vainio.

On Tuesday 11.10. at 17.30 MoWe Dance in Agora hall

Our Dance classes starts! Welcome to test fun and easy Dance class which combines different styles. MoWe Dance is here to stay, it is on Tuesdays at 17.30 in Agora hall.

Instructor Olar Zupping. Class is instructed in English.