SAMK Pori campus gym stays closed until 2.8.2020

Due the Covid-19 districtions, SAMK campus gym stays closed until 2.8.2020. CampusMoWe follows these distriction guidelines and we hope that gym will open on 3.8.2020. We will keep you updated if situation changes.

We have decided to compensate MoWe Card Gym -cards in the beginning of the Autumn season.

MoWe Card Gym which is purchased on spring season is valid until 31.8.2020.

How to get compensation?

CampusMoWe will provide you 4 weeks for free as compensation to Covid-19 districtions. Our online shop opens in the beginning of August 2020 where you can find d a product called Spring season compensation (0€). If you wish to get this compensation, you'll need to purchase it before 31.8. 2020 and your MoWe Card will be activated on 31.8.-27.9.2020. This compensation is valid for the MoWe Card you have had during the Spring season. For example, if you have had a MoWe Card Gym you will get this four weeks compensation for MoWe Card gym.

Note! A valid -up to date University access code (HAKA-authentication) is required to get a compensation.

We will remind you when online shop is open on August!

MoWe Card compensation concerning ongoing Spring season!

Because Covid-19 districtions ended CampusMoWe spring season earlier than planned, we have decided to compensate ongoing MoWe Cards in the beginning of Autumn season starting on 31.8.2020!

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