RAUMA: New Calendar starts on 13.1.

New weekly group fitness lessons are MoWe Pump, Yoga and Kettlebell training!

New Calendar, new moves!

Long desired Yoga will get regular spot on our calendar on Thursdays from 23.1. 2020! These classes suits for all from beginners to advanced and no previous experience in yoga is needed. Just bring your glorious self and we provide you the rest.

Kettlebell class will start on Wednesdays! This class will offer you efficient whole body exercise and suits for all from beginners to advanced participants.

MoWe Pump will take place now at Rauma too! Pump is easy, but efficient whole body workout with bar and weights. This class offers options for all fitness levels, so it fits from beginners to advanced trainers.

Mondays are booked for Floorball, but we are still missing a leader for this! If you got interested or know someone, contact us at: info@campusmowe.fi

Purchase MoWe Card 19,90€/29,90€ and you can join as many events as you like!

Give yourself a healthy start for a year and purchase MoWe Card!

How to get a MoWe Card:

  1. Log in with your university username and password (Haka-code) and go to our online shop.
  2. Choose MoWe Card Pori student or staff, add your product on shopping cart and go to pay your product.
  3. Click for button next and finalise the payment.
  4. MoWe Card is now activated and you can start to do bookings! Bookings start 7 days before a current class starts.
  5. MoWe Card is a mobile member card and you can see validation from MoWe Card tab.