Agora is booked for other events during 9.-16.11.2020 and we keep our group fitness classes in classrooms A356 and A329.

PORI: Room changes is Calendar 9.-16.11.2020

Agorahall is booked for events during 9.-13.11. and 16.11. and we keep our classes in other rooms at Pori campus. You'll find the locations from Calendar. Badminton is held normally on Sat 14.11.2020.

We needed to lower the number of participants for those classes so please pay attention for enrollings and cancelling!

Classes are held in rooms A356 and A329!

You can find the correct locations for the classes from the Calendar!

A356 is located in SAMK campus 3rd floor, the room is in the same side than the library

A329 is located in SAMK campus 3rd floor, the room is on the same side than the bus station.

We ask you to pay attention for enrolling and cancelling!

Because we can take only a limited amount of participant during 9.-13.11. and 16.11., please remember to cancell your enrollment in good time if you are not able to join the classes!

Cancelling is always important, but especially during this week!