Pori campus gym has reopened!

Max 6 persons at the gym.

You can enroll to only 1 shift/Day

Equipment has to be cleaned after use, cleanser can be found from the gym. All MoWe Cards includes nowadays a right to use the gym.

Enrollment to the gym will be used for now.

Based on the CampusMoWe Survey from 2021 enrollment will stay. 96% of people were in favour of the enrollment practice.

CampusMoWe system is being developed so that enrollment and cancelling can be registered during the shift. Then the use of the gym can be done with short notice.

Enrollments/Cancellations must be updated

Especially during restrictions, pay attention to your own enrollments. If you can not make it to the gym, enrollment must be cancelled.

This habit will serve every user! When enrollments are updated, people can access the gym when they want and gym is not running ''empty''.

Staff gym tuesdays 16-17 and thursdays 16-17.15.

Staff gym has been marked to the calendar with blue color.

Students are not allowed to use the gym during Staff hours.

More instructions for the Gym: