Want to be a CampusMoWe instructor?

Instructors wanted for the spring semester!

Rauma: Group fitness and salibandy/floorball instructors are needed quickly. Also swimming shift instructors.

Pori & Rauma: Padel instructor to play with others in the open shifts.


If you have skills and knowledge of any specific sports or instructing physical activities in general, working as a part of our CampusMoWe team will offer you excellent way to combine your skills with your studies. If you don't have any experiences of instructing, no worries, our professional CampusMoWe team will help you get started!​​​​​​​

We would like to hear from you, so please fill in an application form .

You can ask more details from Erika, email: erika.santala@samk.fi

As a CampusMoWe instructor you will be part of professional and innovative movement and wellbeing team, where you will, not only be instructing and able to improve your personal instructing skills, but also provided to develop and create new well-being services. Got interested? Apply now!

Swimming shift tutors

We arrange swimming shifts for students in Merimäki swimming pool. So if you could be a swimming shift tutor, send us message to info@campusmowe.fi

Padel and Badminton instructor

We are looking for instructors to play with others in the open shifts!

We hope you know rules and have some experience of playing. You responsible is to get equipment from the library and help starters to get started. We are not looking for a coach so you do not need to be a professional.

We want to offer a play group for those who doens't have a group of their own!

Group fitness instructor

Group fitness instructor's job includes planning and instructing classes during semester. Experience in instructing is considered to be an advantage.

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Ball sports instructor

As a sport game instructor your responsibility is to take care of equipment, confirm participants etc. There is no need for coaching.

Motivation and interest in sports/playing is important! Experience of the event is considered to be an advantage, but not necessary.

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Course and workshop instructors

CampusMoWe offers also courses and workshops.

Course/workshop instructor is responsible of planning and keeping the course.

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Well-being tutoring in SAMK

Apply to be a well-being tutor and you get to influence positively on other students' well-being while being active yourself.

As a well-being tutor you can organize trials, band club, nature excursions, museum visits or other cultural activities.

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