How is your body holding up?

Health index assessments will provide you comprehensive information of your current health, wellbeing and fitness level.

CampusMoWe provides health index assessments for all Satakunta University students and staff members on Tuesday 14.9. at Pori and 21.9. at Rauma.

​​​​​​​Health index assessments are aimed for all students and staff members in all Satakunta universities. Assessments are free of cost.

Health index assessment

Health index assessments are an easy and convinient way to evaluate your health condition and fitness level without sweating or strenuous workout. Assessments will be carried out together with LiikU and physiotherapy students from SAMK University.

  • Grip strength gives information of you muscle strenght.
  • InBody -body composition analysis gives information of the various components of your body such as water, muscle and fat ratio and levels.
  • The Polar heart rate monitor gives an estimation of your maximal VO2 and aerobic fitness level.

The assessment and feedback lecture will take approximately 30 minutes. Feedback lectures starts every 30 minutes and runs non-stopping the whole day.

Time and place

PORI: Tuesday 14.9. at 8-16, SAMK Agora -hall

RAUMA: Tuesday 21.9. at 8.30-14.30, SAMK Kanali campus (Satamakatu 26, Rauma), 3rd floor

Remember to print and fill the pre-assessment screening form

Link to the pre-assessment screening form is here: health index assessment_pre_screening_form.pdf

Booking / enrollment

You need to HAKA log in to make a booking! Assessments are aimed only for university students and staff members in Satakunta universities, so that's why logging in is required.

Hygiene instructions:

  • Do not come to the assessment if you have any symptoms of flu!
  • Use a mask or visor.
  • Wash your hands and/or hand sanitizer before entering and leaving the assessment.
  • Come to the assessments just few minutes before your own assessment time.
  • Maintain a safety distance of 1-2 meters for other people in the area.
  • Use methods other than a handshake to greet.

​​​​​​​All assessment monitors and tools will be cleaned after every client, our testers are using (vinyl gloves etc.) during the assessments and there will be enough space around test area to maintain the safe distances.