Have you thought about starting a gym workout? NOW we are offering free gym instruction!

Third-year physiotherapy students offer beginners a free gym instruction.

We will complete our practise on CampusMoWe and we are offering free individual gym instruction over the next three weeks.

Have you considered starting a gym workout but are not sure where to start? No worries, we're here for you! Whether your goal is to increase your exercises,
build muscle mass or hunt for better health, we want to help you. During the guidance, we will go through the techniques of training suitable for beginners,
give tips for gym training and we will try our best to answer the questions that concern you. Feel free to sign up!


Teemu and Tuomas

Book your time

Link takes you for the booking page. There are free spots during Tuesday-Thursday during 10-13 and free spots are coloured with green. Click the suitable time for you and make a booking. Payment is 0€.

If you don't find a suitable time, leave us a message and we will contact you.

If you don't find a suitable time, please leave us a message.