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Apply to be a Well-being tutor!

As a well-being tutor, you can organise, for example, sport trials, nature trips, a band club, museum visits or other cultural activities.

You can also be part of the Smiley Coffee Team or the Event Team. From 2024, you can also earn credits by becoming a CampusMoWe bal games instructor.

The new well-being tutors will start in 2024 and you will be able to earn credits and take care of the well-being of the SAMK student community. The trainings will take place in November.

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Before you start well-being tutoring, you can get training. The training will give you tools for planning events and facilitating groups, for example.

Training days:

  • Tuesday 21.11.2023
  • Tuesday 27.11.2023

The training will be held live at the Pori campus. If the dates are not convenient, you can arrange with the trainer to complete the training in another way.

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Wellbeing tutoring is carried out in cooperation with SAMMAKKO and CampusMoWe. Well-being tutors receive a CampusMoWe MoWe Card free of charge.

Well-being tutoring in SAMK

Apply to be a well-being tutor and you get to influence positively on other students' well-being while being active yourself.

As a well-being tutor you can organize trials, band club, nature excursions, museum visits or other cultural activities.

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