Pori campus Agorahall (sports hall).

During evening hours, you will need an access code for the campus doors, which you can find on your MoWe card order confirmation and on the C-MoWe tab of the mobile app (image at the top of the C-MoWe page).

Sport facilities

CampusMoWe services are mainly organised in the campuses' own sports facilities (SAMK Pori campus, SAMK Rauma Merimäki campus).

​​​​​​​You can find the location of the classes always from the Calendar.

Agora Hall (sports hall) SAMK Pori campus

Address: Satakunnankatu 23, 28130 Pori.

The Agora Hall is divided into three sections, A, B and C-section. The part of the hall is marked in the Calendar under the class/shift.​​​​​​​

The easiest way to get to the Agora Hall is through the enrance doors on Satakunnankatu, which will take you directly to the lobby leading to the changing room hallway.

You can check the instructions for entering campus, changing rooms and sport hall from the link: Map of the Pori kampus

Agora Hall changing rooms and lockers

The changing rooms are located in the corridor leading to the sports hall. The changing rooms have toilets, showers and numbered lockers for storing items. Instructions for using the lockers can be found on the end walls of the lockers. Please use a code that you will remember!

If you can't open the locker after a class/shift, there are instructions on the main wall of the locker for opening it and a security guard's phone number. You can also ask instructor for help in reaching the security guard. Instructors are not able to open lockers.

If you do not have a phone, you can find a phone in the lobby of the Library/Sammakko (student union) office next to the Exam room. You can use the phone to call a security guard who will assist you in opening the locker.

The location of the phone is marked on the campus map. (link: Map of the Pori kampus)

SAMK Pori campus gym

Gym is located on the ground (0) floor. Take the stairs or accessible elevator down on the Travel Centre side.

The entrance door facing the Travel Centre is the most direct route to the gym. We recommend using this door. The stairs to the ground floor are immediately next to the front door.

The gym has changing rooms, toilets and showers. The lockers for storing belongings are number-coded and similar to those in the Agora hall. See information in the paragraph above.

SAMK Pori campus rooms A356 and A329

Photo of the door to the corridor leading to the library on the 3rd floor.

We use rooms A356 and A329 for group fitness classes sometimes if Agora Hall is taken. Take the stairs or elevator to the 3rd floor from the campus main lobby. The room A329 is located on the travel centre side hallway and the room A356 on the library side hallway.

SAMK Rauma Merimäki sports hall

Address: Suojantie 2, 26101 Rauma

Pictorial directions to the Merimäki campus gym and the external doors (link): Map of the Merimäki campus

Take the stairs up to the Merimäki Campus yard. Sports hall is on your right as seen from the stairs. You can use door D2 or A2 to enter.

The changing rooms are located on the ground floor (floor 0). The easiest way to access the changing rooms is to use entrance door A2. From this door, the stairs lead directly to the changing rooms.

SAMK Rauma Merimäki gym

Merimäki campus gym is located on the ground floor in the D building. Use entrance door D2 to enter the gym. See detailed info about the gym (link): Merimäki gym

Merimäki gym is available only for samk students and staff, so the article opens only with samk-ID.