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Group fitness classes are held mostly in SAMK Agorahall.

MoWe Pump

MoWe Pump builds total body functional strength. This workout with barbell and free weights challenges all your major muscle groups with energetic music. This class doesn't include any challenging choreography and it suits all from beginners to advanced.

Kettlebell Training 45'

Total body workout! Kettlebell training improves muscle strenght, endurance, mobility and balance. In this class we concentrate to basic kettlebell techniques and correct movements. Suits for a starter or persons with earlier experience.

Gym Workout

Whether you are a beginner or have more experience of the gym workout, this class suits for you!

All-round gym workout with gym equipment and free weights! In this class we pay attention to the correct and safe techniques!

Guided gym -circuit for staff members (45-60min)

Guided gym workout is staff members own class at gym. This class improves your strenght and endurance fitness, but also gives you basic knowlege and skilss to gym work out. Class is structured with short warm up, work out session and cool down with streching. This class doesn't include any challeging choregraphy and it suits all from beginners to advanced. ​​​​​​​

Abs & Booty 45'

This class strenghtens your core muscles! Also "booty" , in the other words glutes and thighs gets their own workout! Exercises are done with your own bodyweight and with equipment!

Gentle yoga

Gentle and relaxing yoga! Spend a calming moment and let your body and mind combine with easy movements.


The class is based on basic asanas of yoga and finding the right breathing supporting the movement. We practise asanas which improve the strenght and mobility and we also aim to find the essence of yoga.

The class is suitable for beginners.


Pilates is designed to elongate and strengthen the body. Pilates can also help to improve and increase coordination, balance and flexibility. Pilates can relieve stress and tension.

Suitable for all!


FasciaMethod combines myofascial mobility training, dynamic stretching, movement control training and fascia manipulation with a trigger ball. The aim is to rehabilitate musculesceletal dysfunctions.

FasciaMethod is suitable for all individuals who wish to improve their physical performance and wellbeing.

HIIT 45'

Interval training which improves your endurance! Instrcuctor and energetic music guarantees you a good workout! This class includes warm-up, training part which lifts your heartrate up and cool down. HIIT class will boost your energy consumption!


Total body & functional workout with equipment (kettlebells, barbell and plates) and bodyweight! This class doesn't include any choregraphy and it suits all from beginners to advanced.


Class is held in PORIHALLI

45 minutes indoor cycling improves your cardio fitness. Spinning suits all from beginners to advanced because everybody can control the intensity levels themselves. Great music will pump up the workout!​​​​​​​

Virtual Yoga

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Group fitness and sport games PORI

All group fitness classes and sport games are mostly held in SAMK Agorahall. You can do bookings through MoWe Calendar.

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