To whom?

CampusMoWe physical activities and wellbeing services are available for the students and staff members in all Universities in Satakunta.

​​​​​​Students and staff members in following Universities are able to use CampusMowe services and products

  • ​​​​​​​Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, Ltd.
  • University Consortium of Pori.
  • Faculty of Education Department of Teacher Education, Rauma
  • Diaconia University of Applied Sciences Pori

To be able to access CampusMoWe services and products students and staff members needs to have valid -up to date University access code (HAKA-authentication). When student will graduate or the contract of employment will expire, the CampusMoWe membership and services will be available until the end of the same on-going semester. Once the University username and password expires, person will no longer have access to purchase new membership or make new bookings for CampusMoWe services.

How to get started?

Register in - you will get CampusMoWe Newsletter and you will get the updated info about services!

MoWe Card is your access to weekly services.

Download CampusMoWe application and enrolment is fast and easy!

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What is MoWe Card?

MoWe Card is a membership card, which gives you an access to CampusMoWe services. MoWe Card validation time can be seen on MoWe Card tab in mobile application.

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Register in

By logging in with your HAKA-code, you will be registered as a CampusMoWe user. As a registered user you will receive CampusMoWe newsletters and you can make bookings for free events.

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