The gym technique classes continue on Wednesdays

In technique classes, we focus on compound resistance training movements.

This is a safe environment to learn about free weight equipment such as barbell and movements like the Squat & Deadlift.

You do not need to have experience of barbell training. All levels.

Technique is unique for every individual and requires practice.

Suitable for also more experienced trainees!

Technique classes are held on Wednesdays at 17

On Wed 20.10. Squat technique

Wed 27.10. autumn break, no class

Wed 3.11. classes continue with participants needs

SAMK students and staff, enroll with a valid MoWe Card Gym or MoWe Card via CampusMoWe app. Other universities, use the link below.

Technique classes can be found from CampusMoWe app Kuntosali -tab. You will recognize it from the blue colour.

Instructor: physiotherapystudent Miro Patrakka.​​​​​​​

UCPori, Diak, OKL students, use the enrolment link below!

You can join/enrol if you have a valid MoWe Card Pori or Rauma. Enrolment requires loggin in.