PORI: Changes in Calendar during next 2 weeks

There are other events in Agorahall during upcoming weeks which couses changes in our Calendar.

You can find up-to-date information from our app's Calendar.


MON 14.11. Salibandy starts at 17.00 and we only have agrora part B, other classes are held normally

TUE 15.11. Salibandy cancelled, other classes are held normally

THU 17.11. all Agora hall classes are cancelled (volleyball, badminton and futsal)

MoWe Body and Spinning are held normally

FRI-SAT no Badminton shifts

MON 21.11. MoWe Pump starts already at 16.30

Salibandy starts at 17.30

TUE 22.11. All agorahall classes are cancelled

FRI-SAT no Badminton shifts