Gym start course - Spring 2024

On Wednesdays 28.2.-20.3.2024 (4 times), at 17.00-18.00.
In SAMK Pori campus gym.

Course fee 20€.

Customer feedback:

"At the same time I've got familiar with the SAMK gym machines and equipment. I can recommend this course to everyone, who is uncomfortable with the gym"


Basics in Gym training. Basic principles of resistance training. Suitable for beginners. Content includes going over exercises for different muscle groups and movement patterns by practicing safe use of exercise machines and free weights.

Strength training is safe and very effective method to improve your health and well-being.

Instructor Miro Patrakka. Miro has graduated as a physioterapist from SAMK. He has a lot of knowlegde of human movements and musculoskeletal functions.

Group size 8 persons.


Purhase a course from the online shop and you have enrolled the whole course.