Check the Rauma Calendar: RAUMA

Group fitness classes begins on Tue 1.2.

Group fitness classes are here again, welcome! #happyday
Check the Pori and Rauma Calendars.
We have reduced a participant capasity but we have a large sports halls so there is a lot of space to workout!

Please remember to use a mask before and after classes. You can take off the mask while training.

Please join CampusMoWe activities only when you are healthy.

Sport games starts later

Sport games includes close contact so that's why we didn't get the permission yet to start shifts. We will inform you as soon as we get a new guidelines.

NEW: Padel -courts available for very special prize

As an CampusMoWe member you can book a Padel court in Pori (Mon & Thu) and in Rauma (on Thu). You can book the court 40% cheaper than normal prize. You can also borrow Padel rackets for free from campus libraries.

Detailed info (link): Padel-Pori or Padel-Rauma

Twerk trial classes 7.2. and 14.2.

Welcome to test twerk! You don't need earlier experience of dancing or twerk. Just come to have fun!

Upgrade your Gym Card and join all events!

if you have a valid MoWe Card Gym, you get 5,90€ discount of MoWe Card Pori/Rauma. Discounted prize will appear atuomatically in online shop.