Friendsweek 10.-14.2.2020

Invite a friend to join CampusMoWe classes 10.-14.2.2020 with you! With a valid MoWe Card you can enroll twice in a class and bring a friend with you. Attention! By enrolling your friend, he/she will accept CampusMoWe Terms & Conditions.

CampusMoWe Terms & Conditions are available here (link): Terms & Conditions

How to bring a friend?

  1. Ask your friend if he/she is interested of join some activity with you (please note, that your friend needs to belong CampusMoWe target group University student of staff).

  2. Choose a class which you are both interested! Or what if you try some new class you haven't dared to participate earlier? A shared joy is double the joy!
  3. Enroll to class normally, but do it twice! After the first enrollment Enroll to event -button will stay active (green) and it allows you to enroll again.

  4. Cancellation: Remember to cancel your bookings, if you are not able to come along! One cancellation will remove both enrollments automaticly.

  5. Happy Valentines Day 14.2.!