Free Trial period 9.-22.1.2023

Spring semester begins with a two-week free trial period! You can test as many classes/shifts as you like to find your own favorites.

During the second trial week ​​​​​​​16.-22.1.2023 we offer ball sport basics which are aimed especially for starters. You'll learn basics for each sport and then it is easy to join all shifts.

New activities!

Pickleball shifts in Pori! Pickleball is a social and fun two or four player game. You can play Pickelball in Agora section A. CamspuMoWe offers equipment. You can book a court from the Calendar. Get to know Pickelball (link): Pickleball

Open shifts in Rauma and Pori! You gave us a wish in the feedback survey to offer open Badminton adn Padel shifts, so here they come. Ernolment to open shifts via MoWe Calendar. you can join alone or with a friend. All players are welcome.

Ball game basics with well-being tutors in Rauma and Pori! If you hesitate to attend weekly sport game shifts, now you have a good change to learn basics.

Yoga, Step 30', Core 30' and Gym circuit in Pori! You gave us a wish to get gym circuit back to the Calendar se here it is. This class is suitable for starters and also for advanced to spice you workouts.
Step includes an easy coreografies to the step board with good music.
In Core-class we concentrate to streghthen core muscles.
Yoga returns as a weekly class.

Sport/ball games

CampusMoWe shifts are aimed for players in all levels. We offer equipment. You can play many different sport games with us like salibandy, volleyball, basketball and futsal.

Group fitness

Our group fitness classes are suitable for both beginners and advanced. We offer equipment so just just put on flexible clothes and take water bottle with you and you are to join!

Courses in Pori

The first courses of the spring: Swimming technique course, Gym start course and Mindfulness & Meditation. You can enroll to courses without MoWe Card, but you get 30% discount with a valid MoWe Card.

Enrolment to the courses via online shop.

Padel shifts are now even cheaper

You can book Padel courts via online shop. You need a valid MoWe Card for that. Shifts cost 18€/hour (norm. 32€). You can bring 3 non-members to play with you. You can borrow equipment from the campus library for free.