Free Gym instruction available for CampusMoWe members in the early Spring.

Looking for help to start training at the gym? You are looking for change in your own programs or want to for example learn to use some of our equipment/ machines? After gym reopening you are looking to get back on the training schedule?

Continuation from last autumn, gym instructions are back. You will be guided by a Physiotherapist and get help and answers to your questions and tips on effective training. Instructing will be offered January-February for free (1 instruction/ client)

Your Goals can be for example

  • Health Promotion
  • Getting familiar with a new Hobby
  • Get balance and energy to everyday activities
  • Strength and muscle mass

Contact and book your time for a free instruction, where you will get all the necessary tips and basic principles to reach your goals!

Instruction is directed at people who have a valid MoWe Card or Gym Card. Please check your membership before you enroll. Instructions are available at Pori Campus Gym.

Book your time!

Press the link below to book a time. Times are available from tuesday-thursday and the free times you can see with green color. Book the time by clicking and confirm your enrollment.

Intruction times are available from 10 to 13. If you do not find a suitable time, but would like to have a instruction, leave a message below.

Instructor: Physiotherapist Miro Patrakka.

If you did not find a suitable time, send us an email.