Daily exercise #mowechallenge

As part of the Product Development Workshop -course, SAMK's student group is implementing a concept for increasing daily exercise and reducing sitting in all Satakunta universities.
Take part to the challenge and you can win great prizes!

Take part in the daily exercise challenge and win prizes!

We want to challenge all students and staff members from Satakunta universities to take part in the daily exercise challenge!

We will publish during next 5 weeks various forms of daily exercise and tips for break exercise and for working from home on CampusMoWe Instagram and Facebook, so start now follow these channels! You will find CampusMoWe on Instagram @campusmowe and on Facebook CampusMoWe.

Take part in our daily exercise challenge by sharing photo or video of your daily exercise or break exercise on Instagram or Facebook using hashtag #mowechallenge(+city). Detailed rules are below!

Daily exercise challenge starts N-O-W NOW and it ends 17th of May.

We will make a draw amongst all participants and you can win prizes from CampusMoWe and companies in Pori, Rauma, Kankaanpää and Huittinen. As prizes e.g. CampusMoWe water bottles and backpacks, MoWe Card, gym card and advantages.

This is how you participate in the daily exercise challenge: ​​​​​​​

1. Take a free-form video / picture of your daily exercise or break exercise

2. Post a picture / video to Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #mowechallenge(+ Pori / Rauma / Kankaanpää / Huittinen). If you don’t use Facebook and Instagram, you can also participate in the daily exercise challenge by sending us a picture of your daily exercise form at info@campusmowe.fi.

After the #mowechallenge hashtag, add the city where do you live or which city you would benefit most from the valuable prize it offers.

For example you study and live in Pori: use the hashtag #mowechallengepori

3. The more you publish the better chances you have to win!

NOTE! If you have a private account, take a screenshot of your post and send it to CampusMoWe direct or info@campusmowe.fi.

The daily exercise challenge ends on May 17, when we will draw. The winners will be contacted in person.