A reminder to gym users about the rules of use!

Please pay attention to the following when using the gym.
Here are some things that contribute to your well-being :)

  • Students do not have access to the gym during staff shifts. Shifts (Tuesday and Thursday) are shown on the Gym tab of the app.

  • Please always check your booked shifts before you go to the gym. This way you avoid unpleasant surprises and cancellations.

  • Every gym user must sign in ALWAYS when entering the gym, i.e. press the "Open SAMK Gym door" button at the door, even if you are going to the gym at the same time as a friend. This way the user counter will be kept up to date with the number of people who use the gym.

  • You are not allowed to bring a student friend or any other person without a gym card to the gym. Every user must have a gym pass.

  • The equipment must be returned to its place after use. Please also pay attention to the so-called storage room, so that the room can be cleaned. If the carpets are spread out on the floor, the room cannot be cleaned.

  • Violations of the rules of use have been detected throughout the spring. Please pay attention to your own activities to ensure that the gym remains flexible in the future.

Staff training hours

Shifts are weekly

  • on Tuesdays at 16-17
  • on Thursdays at 16-17.15

Staff have the right to remove persons from the gym during staff training hours if they are not staff members.