Group fitness and sport games PORI

All group fitness classes and sport games are mostly held in SAMK Agorahall. You can do bookings through MoWe Calendar.

SAMK Agorahall is devided on three parts: A, B and C. Part A is the closest to the campus library. Locations can be found from MoWe Calendar: Agora / A, Agora /B ja Agora /C. There is an image, how to find Agora-hall and locker rooms: (link) Map.

Group fitness classes will be held mostly in part C of Agora. Spinning is held in Porihalli and Aquatics in DiaFysio.

Instructed sport games will be held on one or two parts of Agorahall. This autumn we have floorball, basketball, futsal and badminton. Read general information of Badminton bookings (link:) Badminton.

With MoWe Card Pori (29,90€/semester) you have unlimited acces to these services. Bookings is required to all events through MoWe Calendar. You can do it with mobile application or through website.

  1. Log in with your HAKA password.
  2. Open MoWe Calendar (link) MoWe Calendar.
  3. Click from calendar site: PORI and then choose aimed day/ date ("remove selection" tap will show a list of all classes.)
  4. Choose and click the class you're willing to book.
  5. If the "sign in" tap is not active, you're MoWe Card is not valid.
  6. Note, if you need to cancel your booking, you can follow the same instructions!

Since Agorahall is highly booked, there will be some cancellations or time changes during semester. We recommend to follow MoWe Calendar regularly.

CampusMoWe gyms at PORI

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