CampusMoWe's activity notebooks

We have taken notebooks to outside activity tracks in Pori and Rauma. By putting a name to the notebook you can win a MoWe Card through a lottery!

Pori's Notebook

Notebook in Pori can be found in Katinkuru, from the parking lot of a shooting range. Notebook is inside the Satakunta UAS mailbox, where there is both SAMK notebook and CampusMoWe notebook. You can put your name to both notebooks. (Pictures below)

Satakunta university of applied sciences mailbox is inside the small building in picture. From Pori metsä parking lot the distance to the mailbox is about 3,2km. ​​​​​​​

Pinomäentie 224, 28540 Pori

To participate in the lottery you can write your name to the CampusMoWe notebook.