You can play Pickleball in Pori Agorahall. You find equipment behind the black curtain.

Pickleball shifts

Pickleball court is located in SAMK Agora hall section A (closest to the library). Shifts are available with a valid MoWe Card Pori. The person who makes the booking needs to be CampusMoWe member. You can bring 2-3 non-members to play with you.

Pickleball can be played as a 2 or 4 player game. There are equipment for 4 players.

1 court booking/person/day.

Here is the general information of the shifts:

  1. Booking via MoWe Calendar. Enrol to the shift and court reservation is done for you. Booking will reserve the whole court and equipment for 2-4 players.

  2. Remember to cancel, if you are not able to come.

  3. Booking requires a valid MoWe Card. You can bring a non-member friend to play with you. Person who has booked the court is responsible of the reservation and equipment.

  4. Court lines are drawn in green colour.

  5. Equipment is stored behind the courtain in A -section. The Player will put together the court and after the games take the court apart. If there is a shift right after you and next ones waiting you can agree to leave the net up. It is important that the court is always empty when there are no games.
    Return the net, poles and rackets on side of the sport hall behind the black curtain (see the image above).

  6. Entrance from the Satakunnankatu entrance doors with a passage code. You can find the code from CampusMoWe app from C-MoWe tab or from Tuudo. Go to Agora via hallway where the locker rooms are located. See the map to Agora here (link): Agorahall

  7. Equipment needs to be used properly. CampusMoWe needs to be informed if something breaks (email:

  8. Times of the badminton shifts may sometimes change. You can always find the updated info from Calendar. CampusMoWe reserves all the rights for changes.

Tutustu peliin Pickleball Finlandin kautta. Linkistä löydät säännöt sekä opasvideoita (linkki): Säännöt sekä tietoa lajista