How to get started?

To be able to access CampusMoWe services and products, first you will need to register by using your University username and password (HAKA-authentication).

Once you have bought a MoWe Card from CampusMoWe online-shop, you can start to use CampusMoWe services and make bookings.
MoWe Card gym gives you an access to SAMK Pori campus gym (available only for SAMK students)

CampusMoWe mobileapplication

You can download our mobileapplication for free from AppStoresta tai Google Play. The easiest way to do bookings is via mobileapp but you can also use MoWe Calendar in our websites.

You can find latest News from application tab C-MoWe.

Mobileappliction works also as "a key" to SAMK Pori campus gym.

What is MoWe Card?

MoWe Card is a membership card, which gives you an access to CampusMoWe services. MoWe Card validation time can be seen on MoWe Card tab in mobile application.

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MoWe Calendar

MoWe Calendar keeps you updated with CampusMoWe services and events! Bookings can be done through MoWe Calendar either in application or websites. Press Open Calendar to make bookings now!

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