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How to get started?

Register in - you will get CampusMoWe Newsletter and you will get the updated info about services!

MoWe Card is your access to weekly services.

Download CampusMoWe application and enrolment is fast and easy!


Register in as a CampusMoWe user by logging in using your University username and password (HAKA-authentication).

As a registered user you will get CampusMoWe Newsletter and you can join for free events.

MoWe Card

Once you have bought a MoWe Card from CampusMoWe online-shop, you can start to use CampusMoWe services and make bookings.

Your rights will be activated right after purchasing.

MoWe Card is a mobilecard. The validity time is shown on application's MoWe Card tab.
MoWe Card Gym gives you an access to SAMK Pori campus gym (available only for SAMK students)

CampusMoWe mobileapplication

Mobileapplication is available in AppStore and Google Play. The easiest way to do bookings is via mobileapp but you can also use MoWe Calendar in our websites.

You can find latest News from application tab C-MoWe.

Mobileappliction works also as "a key" to SAMK Pori campus gym.


With the low cost membership fee, you will get access to following high-quality movement & wellbeing services! Purchase a MoWe Card from online-shop and join in today!

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Booking is required for group fitness classes and ball games. It can be easily done either with CampusMoWe App or logging in to CampusMoWe websites.

Booking is possible 2 days before the event. Please remember to cancel if you are not able to join!

Instructions concerning the bookings and schedules for courses and events will always announced together with event information.

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