See all Rauma CampusMoWe services from CampusMoWe calendar and
and with MoWe Card you will get unlimited access to Rauma CampusMoWe services!

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Group fitness and ball sports RAUMA

MoWe Card Rauma (19,90€) gives you an unlimited access to Rauma CampusMoWe services.
Unfortunately sport games are cancelled for now due to Covid 19 situation.

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CampusMoWe gyms at RAUMA

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Gym offers to OKL ja SAMK

Special offer to use Kuntosumppu gym and group fitness classes.

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Yogobe - online Yoga

Did you now that MoWe Card offers you an access to Yogobe-online yoga services? Send us email to info@campusmowe.fi to get a code.

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Borrow sport equipment from SAMK campus libraries for free!

From SAMK campus libraries at Pori, Rauma and Kankaanpää you can borrow sport equipment for free with your valid library card (no MoWe Card needed for this)!

The time-frame for loans are in maximum one week. Equipment need to be picked up and returned always during the library openin hours. Equipment needs always be returned before the deadline to the same library where they were picked up.

You may also borrow equipment only for few hours for example balance boards are excellent choise to use during your study or work day to improve your ergonomy.

In case of loosing or breaking the equipment, the borrower is in responsible to replace equipment either financily or buying a new one.

SAMK campus library, Rauma

  • Balance disc (coming soon)
  • Yoga mat (coming soon)
  • Kettle bell 4, 6 ja 8 kg (coming soon)
  • Miniband –theraband medium (coming soon)
  • Frisbeegolf –bag with set of discs (coming soon)
  • Badminton rackets 2 + balls (coming soon)
  • Soccer ball (coming soon)
  • Mölkky-game (coming soon)

MoWe Calendar

MoWe Calendar keeps you updated with services and events! Bookings can be done through MoWe Calendar either in application or websites. Press Open Calendar to make bookings now or move to application.

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See all Pori CampusMoWe services from CampusMoWe calendar and with MoWe Card you will get unlimited access to Pori services!

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